Next Date: Obstacles by Night - 3rd November 2018 (South) Rockhampton State High School Oval

The Course


Get those knees up! You’ll need good foot and eye co-ordination and be light on your feet for this one. Step in the holes (or around if you want to live on the edge), under and over the hurdles then keep going!

Got Balls

Got a spring in you? Race across 15m of giant inflatable balls by jumping from the top of one to the next. It’s bounds of fun, aim for the middle and try not to fall off!

Leap of Faith

Are you ready to take the leap? Bring your nerves of steel and conquer the leap of faith. Don’t look down for too long though!

Alpine Climb

Grip and pull your way up the steep mountain and enjoy the view on the slide down.  But wait, get over one to see 2 more ahead!

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